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এই মৃত্যু উপত্যকা আমার দেশ না | Girish Manch | 6.30PM | 6th November, 2017

Our country takes pride for being the largest democracy in the world. Words and phrases like secular, socialist, liberty, fraternity, freedom of speech, equality, fundamental rights, appear every now and then in our constitution. However when we look beyond the testimonials, life of the common people face consequences which are poles apart from the flowery picture. 

Our government which is supposedly made of the people, by the people, for the people, takes up arms to mutilate the voice of the people whenever they face criticism. Dalits, Adivasis, and people from other lower castes don't often receive basic human dignity. The common mass is manipulated by divide & rule policy where they fight with each other over lame issues like religion, caste, political preference, and don't get enough time to question the authority. Distribution of wealth is made uneven, consciously, where the rich becomes richer, and the poor poorer; where the funds flow into the corporate sector strengthening the root of the capitalistic system, and the people remain as slaves to the system.

Under such circumstances, anyone who questions the authority is tagged as a traitor. Toxic nationalism is imbibed in the name of patriotism, where people become so intolerant that they are ready to lynch, kill, harass, rape when someone's idea differ from their own. This isn't the golden nation we read of in books. This isn't the great nation we sing of in our patriotic songs. This is a graveyard: of people, of ideas, of free speech, or brotherhood & fellow feelings, of freedom. This isn't the place I call my country ... "এই মৃত্যু উপত্যকা আমার দেশ না"

An AKTO presentation
এই মৃত্যু উপত্যকা আমার দেশ না
Girish Manch
6th November, 2017

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