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'I rise in flames' cried the Phoenix by Tennessee Williams, Sisir Manch, 29th September

'I rise in flames' cried the Phoenix
at Sisir Manch on 29th September, 6.00pm.

Life is a magnificent form of celebration with all its glory, pain, hope, pathos and dreams. It is a picture etched in contrasting shades, where every twinge has a deep seated alleviation within it, and every desolation lead to a pursuit.

“I Rise In Flames”, Cried The Phoenix, by noted author Tennessee Williams - The play emanates the message of relinquishing the obstructions, imposed upon us by the society, in the name of habits, practices, norms, values etc. and amble towards the light of knowledge, hope and living life to the heart’s content.

The play is the imaginative outline of the last day of renowned author D.H. Lawrence, and his conversations with his wife Frieda Lawrence and Dorothy Brett. The play throws light on the uncompromising life of Lawrence, his ideology, and his uninhibited ways of portraying human emotions though his books and paintings. The play renders ceaseless hunger of self-expression of an artist through different forms, the constant skirmish between reality and abstraction. An artist may die but his philosophy remains through ages.

The play drops with the final curtain with the message: Life is beautiful.  There is so much more to give, to receive, to unravel, to imagine, and to create, and the process does not end with death, it passes on in the form of persuasion and philosophy through time and beyond.

We অ্যাKto AKTO took the courage to perform this play, for the first time in India. After five successful performances, we shall be, once again, performing our play

'I rise in flames' cried the Phoenix
written by Tennessee Williams
Sisir Manch
29th September at 6.00pm.
For details and tickets contact 9830039332.

We welcome all our well wishers to be a part our celebration, LIFE!!


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